Friday, March 23, 2007


My boss a few days ago mentioned that serving cupcakes has become popular, and now, upon checking my mail, I was zapped a "news" story about how cupcakes are oh so popular right now. HEY! Don't tell me you've denied your love of cupcakes all this time, only to stick your head out of your hole now that they're featured on as an article! A cupcake obsession has been brewing inside of me for quite some time now, so don't you think you can come back grovelling at the feet of delightful red velvet cupcakes, or even Funfetti cupcakes with the matching frosting with the rainbow sparkly bits. Don't take those delightful, snack-sized cakey joys and corrupt them by throwing magazine covers and Martha Stewart at them! This is great for places like the Buttercup Bake Shop who will see even more business, but damnit, don't mess with the cupcake.

Image above: "Cupcake Sprinkles" by Scarlet Beautiful

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