Sunday, March 04, 2007

Luxurious Inspiration

Michelle and I went on an a journey to find us some Marie Antoinette so that we could watch it, amidst my screams of "It's MY spring break! I wanna watch some Marie Antoinette!". And as my obliging hostess, we finally got it, care of our mutual friend, Meredith. While I saw no coherent plot to the film, except perhaps maturation on the part of Marie's affection for her husband, I saw a BUTTLOAD of beautiful fabric and shoes and just generally pretty things. I guess it means I'm hugely into ridiculously overdone things, but you know, I can embrace that. Can't pay for it, but I can still love it. So I'm hoping the inspiration will run through my fingers and into the sewing needles.

Yummy. Like all those sweets. And that hot officer she has the affair with...

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