Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goings On

I've finally gotten the new codes to work and have been working on getting them up. The site may not look different, but there has been a big overhaul behind the scenes to ensure that the site runs more efficiently. After hours of pulling out my hair, thumbing through near-useless reference books, and stealing a neighbor's wireless internet, I've finished the skeleton, and now just need to put on the skin.

That, and photographing some new stuff I've been busy cooking up. Yep, there's new stuff! I'm very excited about what's coming up in the next few days, as well as the new patterns that are being dreamed up.

I also have several custom projects in progress at the moment that I'm also excited about. I think my favorite part of this whole deal is being given a problem and having to find the solution. The Wiegers family has been pretty pimp in asking for so many delightful bags, and I love it when the Matriarch gives me a vague description of what the recipient of the bag likes. Just got some fabric today for her latest creation, and I'm excited about the buttery yellow fabric with the pearl theme. I LOVE THEMES!

I've also been pondering, with the help of the Etsy.com community, an indie craft fair in Connecticut. I'll let you know what's up with that as time goes on. Other than that, I'm so glad to be in between jobs, for it gives me time to sew and stress out about what color buttons or rhinestones I should put on bags. That, and I don't have to hear my mother harping about finding a job with benefits until after she gets out of work.

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