Monday, August 06, 2007


I've been busy over these past few weeks with all things Explosive Kiwi related. I've managed to create a few things, been working on a lineup of custom orders, and been slowly turning over the coding for the website. As always, Internet Explorer is being a capricious wench, and so my allegiances lie even more snuggly with Firefox.

It's exciting to be busy because it means someone likes what I'm doing, and as I'm a bottom-feeder when it comes to validation, this is all working out very well for me. I enjoy the challenge, though I think I get a little emotionally involved in each project. Mailing off the items hurts, too, like I'm giving away a baby. Kinda like Will (, who virtually had his art surgically removed from his grip after he sold it.

Uf! And plans are in the works for an indie craft fair in Connecticut, which as many people know, is a state devoid of creativity beyond khakis and popped collars (not that I don't appreciate both, but they must be used in moderation, and CT knows not of khaki/collar moderation). Real Art Ways sounds like a good place, and I'll be visiting tomorrow, so let's see what happens!

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