Monday, September 17, 2007

This Weekend in the Fair World

I've been struggling for a while to enter a craft fair that I can really support--past experiences have shown that I can neither pick the right line at the grocery store, or the right craft fair to attend. Two sets of shows are coming up, however, that could prove highly interesting, though I will unfortunately not be able to participate in as a vendor.

The first is this IAMFestival in New London, CT this coming Saturday the 22nd. It's an Indie Music Fest that's also got a craft fair attached. This isn't the first year it is running, but I'm not sure the turnout. A new friend on is going to report back, as she'll be selling there.

The second is the weekly Indie Craft Open Market in Brooklyn, NY, in Carroll Gardens off the G train. I'll be stopping by this Saturday to see what good things there are to be had. As I'm new to Brooklyn, and may be here for a while, I'm excited to finally be taking part in the buzz that surrounds this place.

I'll let you know how things go!

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