Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Love Affair

Do you ever have this idea in your head that you can't precisely put into words? Something you like, that you can't precisely pinpoint, but you know there's something about it that makes you go "Hmm..." with a little head nod. Well, thank you, Made in Shoreditch, because you found for me the word that sums up what I LOVE: Lolita. You may have picked up on my love of the overly sugary, the uber feminine, and old timey stuff. Well Lolita fashions sum all that up, and damnit, I embrace it. I especially love that the Japanese have taken that shit and run, as I love most things Japanese. They started me off with a love of anime and manga (thank you, Sailor Moon), so I guess it only makes sense that the Japanese would continue to fill my life with joy (a.k.a. frilly girly things taken to otaku-levels).

Thank you Japan. It's only appropriate that I show you my love after accidentally rubbing up against so many of your people today outside Carnegie Hall.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fantastic Peeps

Last weekend I discovered more of the joy of living in New York City: Art and Craft fairs around every corner. One such place is "The Market NYC", a Young Designer's Market. There was a plethora of artists gathered in one space selling jewelry, screened shirts and bags, one guy with repurposed LPs (as bracelets!), and a woman selling scarves (like the geometric patterned ones all over Florence) with silver and gold chains hanging from them (picture not so much Flava-Flav, more refined and girl-tastic).

So this is all in research, so that one glorious day, after I've paid rent and bought groceries, I can pay for entrance fee! wh00t!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Brooklyn Indie Market

Never reported on that, and now seems like the perfect time! A few weekends ago I jumped on a subway to Carroll Gardens and scoped out the fair. There were a few tables in a tent, and a few outdoor stands. Inside was a little disappointing, as there were few vendors and little variety in goods. A Texas Etsy street team was there, with some reps, who were also making an appearance for a Trunk Show at the Etsy Labs that weekend. Outside there was a vendor, whose card I can't find nor name remember, selling leather bracelets and slouchy hats that I'm seriously considering going back and buying.

A few girls from work and I may invade, make it a little more fun, and sell some cool stuff. I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Internet Sleuthing

I've finally discovered the value of a well made product. More specifically, how I should be applying this same appreciation to my own work. Starting in high school I always wanted to provide affordable products to friends, convinced that decent prices were what was missing from the market, while also wanting to let my creative side have its way with fabric, scissors, and glitter.

But after a few years of pricing at what I thought those friends would want to pay (note, part of what holds us together is our reluctance to spend lots of money), I realized that well made products are worth more money. It takes mad skillz to make some things, and I would ideally reward the crafter or artisan with the money I give him or her. That, and help the person not starve. I saw a fantastic handmade slouchy hat on Saturday at the Brooklyn Indie Open Market marked at $52, and you know what, when I have the extra money, I'm going to get it. Because damnit, knitting with needles that small and yarn that tiny, you deserve three times as much!

And I think I may deserve more as well. I've been sleuthing about to figure out how to price my items, and discovered that I'm charging somewhere about wholesale prices. So I'm going to be doing some more research, and slowly introducing new prices as I create products. This means there won't be an immediate switchover, but new prices will be gradually flowed in.

Perhaps I gave the verb "flow" a new use. Yay for me, but boo for improperly ending that sentence with a preposition.
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