Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Internet Sleuthing

I've finally discovered the value of a well made product. More specifically, how I should be applying this same appreciation to my own work. Starting in high school I always wanted to provide affordable products to friends, convinced that decent prices were what was missing from the market, while also wanting to let my creative side have its way with fabric, scissors, and glitter.

But after a few years of pricing at what I thought those friends would want to pay (note, part of what holds us together is our reluctance to spend lots of money), I realized that well made products are worth more money. It takes mad skillz to make some things, and I would ideally reward the crafter or artisan with the money I give him or her. That, and help the person not starve. I saw a fantastic handmade slouchy hat on Saturday at the Brooklyn Indie Open Market marked at $52, and you know what, when I have the extra money, I'm going to get it. Because damnit, knitting with needles that small and yarn that tiny, you deserve three times as much!

And I think I may deserve more as well. I've been sleuthing about to figure out how to price my items, and discovered that I'm charging somewhere about wholesale prices. So I'm going to be doing some more research, and slowly introducing new prices as I create products. This means there won't be an immediate switchover, but new prices will be gradually flowed in.

Perhaps I gave the verb "flow" a new use. Yay for me, but boo for improperly ending that sentence with a preposition.

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