Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mia's Blanket, Finito!

Adette and I finally managed to finish little baby Mia's baby blanket and ship it off to her mother!

It's been a long struggle, considering how much of a failure the yarn ended up being. After making the blanket, (which was almost done in a previous post), Adette tossed it in the washing machine. We had, after all, chosen a soft acrylic suitable for washings (it's for a baby, dur). However, the package lied, and it shed blobs of fiber in the washing machine, as well as all over itself. Two gaping holes emerged, and we were feeling a little downtrodden. We debated for quite a while what to do about it, so it sat on some chairs in our living room for quite a while. We finally decided to mail it, and I'm hoping to hear back from Mia's mom. It'll have to come with a warning about that fuzz...

Check out more pictures on the Flickr page!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snag It! Harumi Bag in peach

I'm so excited to announce that I've listed a new item in the Explosive Kiwi store on! The Harumi Bag is a personal favorite of mine--a makeup bag (that can be used to stash anything you can think of, really) in a beautiful orangey-peach toile fabric with BIRDS. I freaking love birds.

It was inspired by Paris, in particular the use of the more contemporary toile pattern (trés French) in a beautiful and unexpected color (trés moderne).

Check out more images below, and then see the full listing in the shop!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Site to follow: Audrey Kawasaki's LiveJournal

Beautiful lines, delicate features, haunting imagery, and palpable sexuality: Audrey Kawasaki's art is enchanting. A prolific artist, she draws and paints on paper and wood, making something exceedingly difficult look effortless. I've got a girl crush on her, and was overjoyed when I discovered she's got a LiveJournal account that allows for easier stalking.

I dig her style, and I'd highly suggest you check out her work for yourself. I'd also suggest taking a peek at her legit website, though her LiveJournal (called okonomide.) offers a more intimate look: extra content written by her, and frequent updates.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snag it! Antoinette Bow Choker in yellow and black

One of my favorite pieces, I've re-listed the original Antoinette Bow Choker (in yellow and black) in my Etsy shop! This adorable accent piece is a double fabric bow made with a lightly flowered black and white fabric, as well as a buttery yellow fabric. They are clasped together with black ribbon, and topped with an adorable, yellow heart-shaped rhinestone (I can't resist the lure of sparkle...). The strap (knotted in the back) is a solid black fabric. I made another one a little while ago (which you can check out here), but this little fellow is the originator.

It's playful and a tad saucy, precious and quite feminine. Check out the listing on etsy and snag it for yourself!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Welcome, Baby Mia!

A dear friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl a little over a week ago. Little baby Mia, certainly working her way to be the light of many people's lives, was born November 28th to one damn proud mother. She came a few days early for us, however, as Adette and I were supposed to have her welcoming baby blanket ready for her...uh...welcome.

Though I tend to roll a little late, Mia's arrival is an adorable reminder why we set out in making this labor of love (the blanket, that is). Making blankets, objectively, sounds like a great idea at first, and then you get to your 36th granny square and want to end it all. We're in the home stretch, however, and it's actually starting to look like the baby blanket we set out to make! Thankfully, Mia's mom loves color, and I heartily approve of her choice of golden yellow and hot pink for baby colors.

I'll be sure to post some images of the final blanket :), though in the meantime you can check out the progress on the Explosive Kiwi Flickr page.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Explosive Kiwi Reformat.

Explosive Kiwi, for the time being, has gone bare bones. We've adjusted the layout so that in addition to seeing what items are for sale in the shop, you get the back story, too: inspiration, images, and side notes. We're firm believers in a product being an amalgamation of its context, so the Explosive Kiwi homepage is now a 360 degree experience. We're working on a visual facelift, as well, but we were determined to get you the content first.

We'll continue to feature new items in the shop (now available exclusively at, but are adding even more relevant and interesting content:
  • Links to our favorite images (care of, links to our favorite and inspirational sites (c/o delicious), and links to photos of what we've been up to (c/o Flickr)
  • Features on interesting web sites to follow
  • Features on inspirational people, be they fellow crafters, designers, or artists
  • Posts on misadventures, which will let you better get to know us
We hope you enjoy the change, as we're excited to show you that we're more than just the materials. Feel free to comment, and be our friend on any of our social networks (like,, and delicious).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Snag It! Atsuko Cowl in purple and gray

I recently finished the Atsuko Cowl, a super soft and cozy cowl neckwarmer made of gray mohair (ridiculously soft) and a super soft eggplant-colored acrylic. The mohair makes it a little fuzzy, while the purple acrylic yarn gives it body. It's in perfect fall colors, and is just in time for the sudden cold. The Atsuko Cowl reminds me of high collars, and there's very little that I love more than high collars. As always, this Explosive Kiwi item is hand knit.

Check out my Etsy shop for more images, and to snag it for yourself!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Site to follow: go to this site if you want to fall in love. Fall in love with penniless art students from Oslo, fashion designers from Northern Ireland, and plushboys from Germany. You'll fall in love because they're good looking, because they're adorably pretentious, and because they put together the cookiest outfits that you want to steal off their bodies. is a collection of photographs of allegedly everyday people from Nordic countries (and sometimes the US) in ridiculously indie gear. And I'll repeat, I want to steal the clothing off all of them.

Today I discovered that you can follow those links to get a list of where each piece of clothing in that image came from. Things I've noticed: lots of cute things come from H&M and Target, which means I need to be hanging out there more, particularly as I've never been good at maintaining a warm winter wardrobe. Long live the winter and!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Banksy sets up shop in NYC

I'm a fan of anything satirical and tongue-in-cheek, and I especially love when that thing comments on society, or at least points out our foibles. So thank you, Banksy, for doing that again.

For those who don't know, Banksy is an artist most known for his street art, usually stenciled and featuring rats. Though based out of England, he's like a bandit in the night, tagging buildings across the world with his distinctive style. Only recently did I find out he also puts together exhibits, and one of those just happens to be in New York City.

Through October 31st, The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill is open (and free) to the public, a makeshift pet store offering a witty observation on the way we consume media, food, and luxury products. A small space, Banksy has converted it into something that makes you laugh in a "Modest Proposal"-by-Jonathan-Swift sort of way. Walking by the window you think you see little chicks feeding in a pen with their mother hen, but a closer look shows you those ain't no chicks, them be some chicken nuggets! And they move!

If you're in New York City before October 31st, I would highly suggest stopping by and checking it out! If you can't, check out my pictures from my own journey a few nights ago.

The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill
#89, 7th Ave. South (Greenwhich Village, btwn. W4th and Bleeker)
10am-12am (midnight, you hear that?)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Custom Item

New custom item for thegirlriot on! It fills me with such joy when people request items, because it implies a belief in the product and trust that it will turn out the way the customer hopes it will. This little Antoinette Bow Choker called for a visit to Purl Patchwork, a store I've talked about before, and a visit to Brooklyn to pick up the right rhinestone. I hope she likes it!

The full listing for this item can be seen at, so visit and check out extra pics!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Punchy Cross Stitching

I'm always a fan of irony, so I was super stoked when I stumbled upon Subversive Cross Stitch, a site with kits and tutorials on saucy sampler-style cross stitches. I was particularly delighted when I saw a pattern for "Babies suck," a phrase I hold dear to my heart. So when I discovered a boss of mine with a fantastic sense of humor was having a baby, all the pieces fit together, and it's like God was telling me to make it. I would, indeed, have this particular cross-stitch in my life, and it would be my gift to him. So to the left you will see the final product, my first of hopefully few "Babies suck" cross stitches.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Site to follow:

I'm not adept at scouring the internet for things, like subjects of interest or where to find 1.5mm beads for a dress I perhaps borrowed a year ago and also perhaps on which I busted some strung beads. Considering my internet-sleuthing ineptitude, I WOULD say, "Forget about keeping up with anything even remotely cool. Resign yourself to a life of hand-me-down awesomeness." I get to NOT say that, however, thanks to a fantastic site called

Notcot is a collection of random postings on all around awesome stuff, from interesting architecture to great viral videos, from sleek new products to damn sexy accessories. I mean, really, did you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine you'd find links to the video for the James Bond theme by Alicia Keys and Jack White, along with "A compilation of embarrassing celebrity endorsements from Japanese commercials"? They've also got offshoot sites, like for fashion, and with newly invented cocktails.

People are constantly adding content to all the related sites, and you're never at the same page twice. There's a randomize tool that pulls a featured item from their database of eighty bajillion posts, which provides hours of fun. Check it out to keep on top of random cool shit, or just check it out to confirm your suspicions that Arnold Schwarzenegger can make a fool of himself in more than just this country.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Huzzah! My little Blue Whimsy Brooch was featured on Cooplet's blog!

While you're checking out that feature, take a look at the super cute blue house badge.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swooning Over: Clean web design

White rounded corner rectangles with a drop shadow all the way around. Subtlety has never been my thing, but right now, I'm all about it. Check out James Jean's site for something of an example.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Late Night Hours

Yup, it's me, posting at night because it's the only time I've got.

This weekend I will be attacking several bead stores (about time) in order to repair a dress I borrowed. Though I'm looking for teardrop shaped beads and some military-style buttons for a jacket, I get the feeling I'll be walking away with more. My cousin and a new friend, Sue Anne, both mentioned M&J Trims in Manhattan, so I'm off to the Promised Land!

I love the city.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Perusing Favorites

Let's get serious: my less than posh lifestyle in Brooklyn leaves me with much to be desired, one of those things being the internet. I have a delightful source of free internets at work, but while I'm there everything I do is for the Man. But then there are days when I'm at my Medici's house and I can pick up delicious waves of endless internet. So I've just spent the past two hours perusing Etsy and adding to my list of favorites.

God bless favorites, and favorite's favorites, and their featured items. Danke shoen.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Spoiled

Previously I've said I can never go back to acrylic (yarn). Now I'm realizing how that's carrying over to many other lifey things: clothing, food, fabric, living situations.

I recently became acquainted with a fantastic person who does production something-or-other for Ralph Lauren's Rugby line. By seeing the types of items they've put out, the amount of work that goes into them (including a hand-knit sweater worth well over its $400 price tag), and the various factors, I've begun to learn that some things are worth the extra money. I saw a bit of the process of clothing production, and am realizing that handmade things are even more precious than the thought that goes into individual pieces--it's also about the care and work. I never consider the amount of time I put into a project, just working until it looks the way I'd like. Now I realize that the time I spend perfecting an item has its own value, and damnit, that time is worth thinking about.

And now that I have so little time, I'm also realizing how important my extra time is. I've been using what little time I can squeeze out of my day to work on several custom pieces. I've ALSO managed to find a retail "consultant," care of my own Medici. Thanks, Suy!

With that, I'd like to apologize for the seemingly stagnant site and lack of updates. I've been keeping creative, and will be channeling that better this year.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kiwi Treats

After a rough work week last week, I decided to treat myself this past weekend with stellar pizza and delicious rice pudding, like the kind my dad used to make, care of Soho. I journeyed there with a friend, cruising around the stores and generally gawking at the fantastic things to be seen there. One of those things ended up being Papabubble. It's a small store with caramel candies that look like Femo beads, little pictures in the center of the candy that show you what it tastes like. To my surprise, they had kiwi flavored candies! I sampled the kiwi caramel, and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was! So I picked up a bag, and they'll be making appearances in any purchases made from the site. They're so cute and tasty, I just want to spread the love like an eager grandmother shares awkward knit goods.

Monday, January 07, 2008

My Other Half

I was walking around SoHo with my cousin, off to buy the most delicious yarn I've ever touched for a scarf for her loved one, when we passed by a boutique. She sealed my fate when she told me to go in while she got money from an ATM. I walked in, only vaguely familiar with the designer's perfume bottle. As soon as I stepped in the front door, I knew it was love.

And my love comes in the form of Anna Sui. Gothy purple paint on the walls, black lacquer-framed everything, black on black Victorian lamps, over-the-top sparkly jewelry, fantastic fabric, and delicious clothing. I want to be her when I grow up.

Check out her runway shows, they're a good time. Sometimes I wonder what she was thinking, but for the most part I'd like to have her babies.
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