Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Spoiled

Previously I've said I can never go back to acrylic (yarn). Now I'm realizing how that's carrying over to many other lifey things: clothing, food, fabric, living situations.

I recently became acquainted with a fantastic person who does production something-or-other for Ralph Lauren's Rugby line. By seeing the types of items they've put out, the amount of work that goes into them (including a hand-knit sweater worth well over its $400 price tag), and the various factors, I've begun to learn that some things are worth the extra money. I saw a bit of the process of clothing production, and am realizing that handmade things are even more precious than the thought that goes into individual pieces--it's also about the care and work. I never consider the amount of time I put into a project, just working until it looks the way I'd like. Now I realize that the time I spend perfecting an item has its own value, and damnit, that time is worth thinking about.

And now that I have so little time, I'm also realizing how important my extra time is. I've been using what little time I can squeeze out of my day to work on several custom pieces. I've ALSO managed to find a retail "consultant," care of my own Medici. Thanks, Suy!

With that, I'd like to apologize for the seemingly stagnant site and lack of updates. I've been keeping creative, and will be channeling that better this year.

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