Monday, October 20, 2008

Site to follow: go to this site if you want to fall in love. Fall in love with penniless art students from Oslo, fashion designers from Northern Ireland, and plushboys from Germany. You'll fall in love because they're good looking, because they're adorably pretentious, and because they put together the cookiest outfits that you want to steal off their bodies. is a collection of photographs of allegedly everyday people from Nordic countries (and sometimes the US) in ridiculously indie gear. And I'll repeat, I want to steal the clothing off all of them.

Today I discovered that you can follow those links to get a list of where each piece of clothing in that image came from. Things I've noticed: lots of cute things come from H&M and Target, which means I need to be hanging out there more, particularly as I've never been good at maintaining a warm winter wardrobe. Long live the winter and!

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