Thursday, October 02, 2008

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I'm not adept at scouring the internet for things, like subjects of interest or where to find 1.5mm beads for a dress I perhaps borrowed a year ago and also perhaps on which I busted some strung beads. Considering my internet-sleuthing ineptitude, I WOULD say, "Forget about keeping up with anything even remotely cool. Resign yourself to a life of hand-me-down awesomeness." I get to NOT say that, however, thanks to a fantastic site called

Notcot is a collection of random postings on all around awesome stuff, from interesting architecture to great viral videos, from sleek new products to damn sexy accessories. I mean, really, did you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine you'd find links to the video for the James Bond theme by Alicia Keys and Jack White, along with "A compilation of embarrassing celebrity endorsements from Japanese commercials"? They've also got offshoot sites, like for fashion, and with newly invented cocktails.

People are constantly adding content to all the related sites, and you're never at the same page twice. There's a randomize tool that pulls a featured item from their database of eighty bajillion posts, which provides hours of fun. Check it out to keep on top of random cool shit, or just check it out to confirm your suspicions that Arnold Schwarzenegger can make a fool of himself in more than just this country.

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