Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Explosive Kiwi Reformat.

Explosive Kiwi, for the time being, has gone bare bones. We've adjusted the layout so that in addition to seeing what items are for sale in the shop, you get the back story, too: inspiration, images, and side notes. We're firm believers in a product being an amalgamation of its context, so the Explosive Kiwi homepage is now a 360 degree experience. We're working on a visual facelift, as well, but we were determined to get you the content first.

We'll continue to feature new items in the shop (now available exclusively at, but are adding even more relevant and interesting content:
  • Links to our favorite images (care of, links to our favorite and inspirational sites (c/o delicious), and links to photos of what we've been up to (c/o Flickr)
  • Features on interesting web sites to follow
  • Features on inspirational people, be they fellow crafters, designers, or artists
  • Posts on misadventures, which will let you better get to know us
We hope you enjoy the change, as we're excited to show you that we're more than just the materials. Feel free to comment, and be our friend on any of our social networks (like,, and delicious).
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