Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mia's Blanket, Finito!

Adette and I finally managed to finish little baby Mia's baby blanket and ship it off to her mother!

It's been a long struggle, considering how much of a failure the yarn ended up being. After making the blanket, (which was almost done in a previous post), Adette tossed it in the washing machine. We had, after all, chosen a soft acrylic suitable for washings (it's for a baby, dur). However, the package lied, and it shed blobs of fiber in the washing machine, as well as all over itself. Two gaping holes emerged, and we were feeling a little downtrodden. We debated for quite a while what to do about it, so it sat on some chairs in our living room for quite a while. We finally decided to mail it, and I'm hoping to hear back from Mia's mom. It'll have to come with a warning about that fuzz...

Check out more pictures on the Flickr page!

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