Sunday, December 07, 2008

Welcome, Baby Mia!

A dear friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl a little over a week ago. Little baby Mia, certainly working her way to be the light of many people's lives, was born November 28th to one damn proud mother. She came a few days early for us, however, as Adette and I were supposed to have her welcoming baby blanket ready for her...uh...welcome.

Though I tend to roll a little late, Mia's arrival is an adorable reminder why we set out in making this labor of love (the blanket, that is). Making blankets, objectively, sounds like a great idea at first, and then you get to your 36th granny square and want to end it all. We're in the home stretch, however, and it's actually starting to look like the baby blanket we set out to make! Thankfully, Mia's mom loves color, and I heartily approve of her choice of golden yellow and hot pink for baby colors.

I'll be sure to post some images of the final blanket :), though in the meantime you can check out the progress on the Explosive Kiwi Flickr page.

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