Saturday, January 31, 2009

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I am Puerto Rican, look white, and am slowly becoming Asian. I live with a Filipina, a Korean girl, and as good as live with a Chinese girl. Whenever I need to get anything, from illegally reproduced door keys, to hair cuts to lady doctors, I inevitably end up in a shady store in Chinatown, talking to a hairstylist who is befuddled by my mass of thick hair, or listening to a receptionist greeting me in Japanese. And so I took one, wholehearted step forward in my transformation when I discovered is a compendium of Asian brands (Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) with pages upon pages of versatile clothing for pretty damn cheap for NYC (think a mix between H&M and Mango). Not only are their models hella cute (and completely epitomize the youth-obsession I've come to love/hate), but their styles of clothing are so all-purpose and layerable, so the possibilities are endless!

The hair accessories are a little questionable, and I'm a little over seeing page after page of alleged "tulle" skirts, but this is one of the FEW online shops that has more than 3 things I like. I've literally got 8 tabs open in Firefox right now with different pieces I'm seriously considering buying. 30 pages of just dresses? Yes, please!
Here's a list of items featured above: 1. Black Queen, Sequined Dress 2. Haegal, Convertible Hem Plaid Skirt 3. Romy, Buttoned Jumper Dress 4. Puffy, Cowl Neck Tunic Dress 5. BeccGirl, High Waist Balloon Skirt

The site totally reminds me of the fashions featured at, another site I've talked about before, so prepare to lose hours of your life by checking out

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