Monday, January 26, 2009

Swooning Over: Old-Timey Insignia

I'm a sucker for any kind of military insignia or old-timey regalia, and the older looking the better! This love of military paraphernalia, regal stampings and honors has something to do with my idealized notions of royal French courts, ridiculous hairstyles with naval battles perched on top, and royal coffers brimming with rarely-worn jewels (completely glossing over the strict class systems, the restrictions that bound women to men, and how much everyone smelled). I lurv reading lit like Antonia Fraser's Marie-Antoinette: The Journey, and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and love Friday nights snuggled up with popcorn and movies like "Becoming Jane".

So I guess it makes sense that I want to physically OWN pieces of this, and that I scour the internet for such sources. Some of my favorite vendors on cater to this obsession of mine, and fortunately for me, this seems to be a style that is always appropriate. Great pieces are timeless, and the old-timey military and royal insignia always cater to the ever-recurring blurring of the feminine/masculine line. I'm a huge proponent of the cyclical nature of fashion anyway, and the masses will clamor for it again if you wait long enough.
If I've piqued your curiousity with these pics, here's where they're from: 1. Image from the "Wonderland" shoot, art directed by Kattaca, 2. Silver brooch featuring the Insignia of the Order of St. James, found at St. James Cross Revisited 3. Royal Duchess Beaded Necklace, from RedHeart13 4. Military-style jacket, found on We heart it

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