Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obsessed with Twitter

For all those people addicted to Facebook status updates, God has given us Twitter, an even stalkier way of checking out what people are up to. Such fun people are on it, like the writer of the blog Cake Wrecks, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, and comedian Michael Ian Black (who is excessively amused by poop jokes).

I joined about 107 updates ago, and am still going strong. I recently added some TwitThis functionality (check out the helpful visual above) so that if you like one of the posts here at Explosive Kiwi, you can click the button and post it, via Twitter, to the world. So come on, let's be Twitter peeps: visit Explosive Kiwi's tweets at

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Site to Follow: Rebecca Miller

I've got mad respect for good photographers, transforming what is literally right in front of my eyes into something emotional, layered, and beautiful. I've got even MORE respect for photographers who can do all that while also making normal life into something whimsical. I recently discovered Rebecca Miller, a photographer who does exactly that.

I'd love to style my life with the imagination of a Michel Gondry music video or the colors of a Sophia Coppola film, and I think Rebecca Miller would fit right in as "Official Life Photographer". Some of her photography is playful, cheerful, and vibrant, while other images are moody and quiet. Above all there's a child-like honesty and optimism that I absolutely love.

Visit her website here, and her blog here. Will I have to convince you with these pictures?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silk painting for the children

After two years of working to get food on the proverbial table and letting art supplies gather dust, I picked up the paintbrushes and applied dye to silk again. I've been working for a few weekends on it, and am finally done! The silk painting, a medium I have been so excited to connect with again, will be donated to Spiro Art's 2nd Annual Arts Auction and Gala: Bringing Art to Life. The event takes place this coming Friday, March 20th, and the silent auction and par-tay are going down in Park City, Utah (HQ of the Sundance Film Festival). Money raised goes to help fund their artists' residency programs, a check plus in my book. My friend, Adam, first told me about it and also donated his own work. Check out his piece, as it kicks a good amount of ass.

Below are pictures from the past few weeks, and check out my flickr account for more.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pantone Spring '09 Colors

A year in advance, the people over at Pantone forecast what they think will be the season's biggest colors, allegedly helping guide designers when creating future lines. Though many companies will give their predictions for next year's colors, I only pay attention to Pantone's forecast (as a designer-by-day, my allegiances must lie with Pantone). I did some digging around and found this season's colors, many of which seem like surprising choices.

I've always been a fan of what Pantone is calling "Palace Blue," or any immediate cousin of that color. It strikes me as a little bold for spring, though, along with "Fucshia Red." You'll also notice two of my favorites, "Salmon Pink" and "Lucite Green," which are very similar to the coral and teal I mentioned in my last post. Inspired by "Rose Dust," I went ahead and ordered some yarn in a similar color to make some new Alexandria Legwarmers.

Questionable choices are "Super Lemon" (which would seem to loud if not tempered by more neutral tones), "Vibrant Green" (which I would argue isn't very vibrant at all), and "Slate Gray" (which seems more blue than gray). A few of these colors remind me of glazed ceramic-ware from a few decades past, and I'm not sure I'm ok with those making a comeback.

In general, I'm excited to see if these colors do indeed crop up. During a trip to H&M today at Herald Square I saw some some lucite green and fuscia red, but no strict adherence to Pantone's predictions. Download the full forecast here, or compare these to last year's colors here.

Let me know if you spot them in stores or on the streets. I'd love to finally see if blindly following Pantone is a mistake, or if they're like the Oracle at Delphi, proclaiming a fume-induced future.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Swooning Over: Coral and Teal

A few hours ago I posted spiralbound_ as a site to follow, and mentioned my appreciation for its use of coral in that site's design. I just went to check my Hotmail account and got an email from Sephora with the same coral, contrasted with teal, a current color combo obsession. I've seen this pairing cropping up quite a bit, and am excited to introduce those colors into Explosive Kiwi merch in the future. It's such a spring combo, and it's exactly what we need to shake off a cold winter.

Aside from being a horribly executed email (violating all sorts of email best practices), the colors are so gosh darn pretty! Click on the pic for the larger version, and use the code to score free shipping on orders over $25 at
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