Sunday, March 01, 2009

Swooning Over: Coral and Teal

A few hours ago I posted spiralbound_ as a site to follow, and mentioned my appreciation for its use of coral in that site's design. I just went to check my Hotmail account and got an email from Sephora with the same coral, contrasted with teal, a current color combo obsession. I've seen this pairing cropping up quite a bit, and am excited to introduce those colors into Explosive Kiwi merch in the future. It's such a spring combo, and it's exactly what we need to shake off a cold winter.

Aside from being a horribly executed email (violating all sorts of email best practices), the colors are so gosh darn pretty! Click on the pic for the larger version, and use the code to score free shipping on orders over $25 at

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