Monday, April 13, 2009

Snag It! Alexandria Legwarmers in dusty rose

I'm super stoked to present the latest addition to the legwarmer family, the Alexandria legwarmers in dusty pink! A few posts ago I talked about the new colors for spring, and I got so excited about dusty rose that I immediately ordered some yarn in that color. Here's what came of it!

Adette and I were able to sneak outside today and take a few photos, so I'm excited to finally post them on Etsy. She says these legwarmers remind her of strawberry shortcake, and I fully support that description. They fit quite nicely and are oodles of fun to wear. Not to mention they make your lower legs warm and cozy, particularly in this schizophrenic weather!

Check out our Etsy listing for these Alexandria legwarmers, and snag them for yourself!

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