Monday, April 20, 2009

Snag it! Demetria Legwarmers in grey

I'm not sure about anywhere else in the world, but the weather here in NYC has been wack. Two weeks ago we had 60 degree weather, and the next day it snowed. Yesterday, too, was BEAUTIFUL, and then today was chilly. Why, God, why?!

As winter refuses to go away completely, I'm releasing my last pair of legwarmers for the season, the Demetria legwarmers in 2 tones of grey. Now, usually Demetrias are slouchy, but this pair is more tight-fitting. I ALSO tend to go for brighter colors, but I wear so much black with pops of color, I figured I might as well make something that can match nearly anything. Ergo, I present you with this pair. Check out their listing on etsy, and snag them for yourself!

In related news, the Alexandria legwarmers are in today's showcase! Look at them go!

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