Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's like the gods are smiling down on us

I have inappropriate love for Anna Sui: I kept the merch bag from that ONE time I bought something at her boutique, use any variety of her products on mood boards I assemble (almost regardless of what that product is), and obsessively check her website in the hopes that her web developer will have gotten a clue.* I also don't hide the fact that if she and Betsey Johnson had a lovechild, that person would be my soulmate.

So imagine my unbridled joy when I read an article on High Snobette declaring that Ms. Sui would be collaborating with Target on a collection for Go International launching in September. 'OISC'C PASOD;LUKJA'S VL!!! Quoting Sugar Rock Catwalk's article, "Sui used materials such as metallic jacquards, herringbone, silk and chiffon and detailing with tulle, lace and sequins." All my favorites!

Someone out there really is looking out for me.

*After reading the article I quickly rushed to Ms. Sui's site again in the hopes that it will have been updated, only to discover that it has been completely redesigned! Double bonus!

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