Sunday, May 31, 2009

Site to follow: Zara Illustrates

I recently joined yay!everyday, and visit the site a few times a day to see what new posts will get my mind turning. About a week ago I found an image that instantly made me smile, and begged me to find out more about its creator. After a quick hunt I discovered the culprit to be Zara Picken, a London-based illustrator whose simple designs are fresh, youthful, colorful, and my very favorite--whimsical.

Each of her works feels like a 50s-era poster, when all the elements of a print piece were layed out with grids, pencils, tracing paper, and an industrious pair of hands. She weathers each piece, transforming something flat into something with texture and character. It doesn't hurt that there's a strong undercurrent of cheer and optimism in virtually every piece, translated through pallette and subject matter.

After you check out these next few images, do yourself a favor and check out her website, quickly followed by her blog, where she's got a larger inventory of all the work she has done. Her body of work is just so damn wonderful, you must check it out. (And if I haven't sold you yet, reread that last line in a pretentious English accent. It works every time.)

(Click on this link for the larger image, for who couldn't love a pug drinking tea?)

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