Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, Anna!

As previously reported, the near-goddess Anna Sui has designed a collection for us penniless day-laborers, available at Target starting in mid-September. Images have come out of that collection, and I flipped out over most all of them. Check out the full slide show from NY Mag's blog, The Cut.

However, Nylon Mag later reported that several of these looks are borrowed from past Anna Sui shows. Is it just me who's left feeling a little cheated? I mean, the woman says she's using the ladies in the Gossip Girl cast to inspire her collection, but she just rummages through stuff she's already done in order to find pieces that are vaguely reminiscent of her alleged muses? Let's not lie, I'm excited to buy ALL OF THOSE PIECES and have my own (affordable) versions from her ready-to-wear lines, but where's the design challenge in that?

I'm left disgruntled and sans any satisfactory conclusions. Thoughts?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair, Bklyn style

250+ vendors who work in a variety of media and employ a variety of styles, gathered together in a park on a sunny Saturday and Sunday? Yes, please!

McCarren Park was a sea of bright white tents and was thick with the smell of hipsters. I entered the fair with high hopes, and slowly made my way around to every tent. There were adorable felted animal heads by Cherry Box, beautiful chain necklaces by Tilly D'Oro, and adorable porcelain figurines from kg + ab.

I'd have to say though, there seem to be comparatively fewer gems each year. Each progressive fair sees its number of vendors go up, but the overall number of sellers with a strong design point-of-view stays the same. A fair that once answered a variety of niche demands has seen over saturation; you now see many duplicate screen printed tee, hand sewn bag, and headband stands. It takes an increasingly unique perspective and an obsession with detail within each niche to stand out, like Giant Dwarf's headbands do. Compare this vendor experience with Bust's Craftacular, in which a limited number of participants were hand-selected, featuring vendors seemingly at their game.

This observation didn't stop me from feeling inspired, making a few purchases, visiting some recent friends at Mean Cards, enjoying the sun, and deciding that I'll jump on the vendor bandwagon next year (if only for the chance to play with cute puppies all day).
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