Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Project: Kindle Case

"Manly Kindle case" was the assignment. The same guy with the "Babies suck" cross-stitch was now in need of a case for his beloved Kindle, so he hit me up to make it happen. An obscenely long time later I sat down to put it together, and based the design on his "Big Wooly" (an iPod case made of super thick felt, which means I can keep both my dignity and pride).

I started a few weeks ago, having to hunt down the nearly impossible-to-find 3mm grey felt. As the felt was too thick to go through my plebeian sewing machine, I had to hand-sew that bad boy, removing all sensation from my fingertips. Feeling it was a little plain with just the grey felt and contrasting brown thread, I decided to add a felt icon to it. I asked Mike what "manly" icon could satisfy him (again, stressing that it be G-rated), and the answer came: robots or skulls. I chose the latter. I cut it out, sewed it on, tried making it darker, and accidentally fused paper to the felt when I was heat-setting it. Horror!

After recovering from a mistake I thought would be fatal, I ripped the old skull off and decided to give it another go. Predictably, I used the last of my brown felt on that first skull. I found felt easily through the help of, and it's made from recycled plastic bottles (bonus points for my karma). Tonight I sat down with it, cut out another little skull, and finally finished!

See the results of that overly-complicated process below, or check out my flickr page for more images.

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