Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas DupliCowl

Holiday gift-giving can be oodles of fun (oooh, what would they not expect that'd make them smile?) or oodles of terror (holy shit, this is going to end up at the bottom of a closet and they're going to shamelessly lie to me about how much they like it...). Fortunately for me this year, the Gentleman Caller and I were together when we discovered his perfect wintry gift: a beautiful, double-thickness knit neckwarmer from his favorite store, A.P.C. featured on their website.
Neck warmers, otherwise known in the universe as cowls, have become quite popular recently--A/W '08 there was a hint of them, and now you can find them in such commercially popular places as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. It took A.P.C.'s version to convince the Gentleman Caller that cowls are a-ok, so we decided to duplicate A.P.C.'s as his Christmas gift.

A.P.C.'s Cowl: 100% camel, fringed ends (claims the website, not that it looks that way), 11" x 12.2"
Christmas DupliCowl: 100% baby alpaca (which, as I've said before, feels like kittens), 13" x 12"

I bought 4 total skeins of Cascade Yarn's Baby Alpaca Chunky in "Storm Twist" (see pic on Purl's website, though it's acutally more neutral, not green) and quickly got started. I'm working in the round and currently have a 13"x 14" tube going (and working in the round is a plus because I don't have to worry about the edges curling under) We're going for a total finished length of 12" or so, so I've got to keep going until I reach around 24"; at that point I can bind off and stitch the open edges together. It's already working up nicely to be extra thick, warm, and just like A.P.C.'s scarf (which, by the way, is already sold out online).

And since Christmas is approaching, I'll be finishing up in the next few days, ready to post pics of the final piece. In the meantime, checkout the items featured above: 1. Neck Warmer, A.P.C. 2. Atsuko Cowl, Explosive Kiwi (me!!!), 3. Unisex Circle Scarf, American Apparel, 4. "Cold Day in the Sun" by Erika A. on lookbook.nu

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