Monday, December 07, 2009

Site to Follow: P.S.-I made this.

Living in New York City is mad expensive, and so is attempting to look like you're from there. I've been told many times you should "dress for the job you want," but even emulating an intern in this city leaves you feeling pretty poor.

Erica Domesek, on the other hand, has discovered how to repurpose seemingly useless miscellany (that's either lying around the house or dirt cheap to buy) in order to mimic accessories and objects found in high-end magazines. Ms. Domesek started P.S.-I made this, a blog in which she patches together mood boards of inspirational images, then figures out how to make them on the cheap. She also updates pretty regularly, showing you how to make budget-friendly versions of accessories and home goods.

I'd certainly be sure to visit at least once a week, as her projects are stylistically relevant AND include do-it-yourself directions. Visit P.S.-I made this yourself, and visualize yourself with a baller, New York-type job!

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