Monday, December 14, 2009

Snag it! Tabitha Scarf in pink!

Last night I voyaged to Soho in the dark and rain, maneuvering my way around puddles and unpredictable taxi cabs to get to my favorite yarn store, Purl. I was greeted by their bright lights and delicious yarns--rich, saturated colors everywhere and a fun variety of fibers everywhere. I ended up purchasing some skeins of baby alpaca (in the corner by the cash register AND the dangerous!), and fondly remembered the day I purchased the bubble gum pink baby alpaca to make the Tabitha scarf.

SO, in honor of how miserable last night was outside, and how awesome it could have been if I had been wrapped up in the Tabitha Scarf, I'm offering 20% its original price in our Explosive Kiwi Etsy shop. Check out the Tabitha Scarf, and snag it for yourself!

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