Monday, January 11, 2010

Audrey Kawasaki's "Hajimari - a prelude"

Though my love for Audrey Kawasaki knows no bounds, my inability to grasp the concept of a calendar overpowers that love, leading to bad things. The most recent bad thing? Missing Ms. Kawasaki's show, Hajimari - a prelude" at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Fortunately for me, wonderful people like Matt Sung understand how to use calendars, made it out to the show, AND documented it for unlucky people such as myself. Check out his article for more info, or his flickr set for more pics from the show.

From what I can gather, Ms. Kawasaki keeps evolving her representation of sexualized, feminine youth. Lots of her figures are now found in environments or contexts, instead of just imagined shapes and forms. Her use of (what looks like) color stains or tints continues to amaze and, per the usual, subtly highlights the wood grain she paints on. And of course, her style of illustration is soft and often dreamy, easily endearing itself to the onlooker.

Check out Mr. Sung's article and flickr page for more about "Hajimari" and benefit from people who know how to make it to gallery shows in time.

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