Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Christmas DupliCowl, complete!

Late into the night before Christmas Eve, I finished knitting, casting off, and frantically sewing together the knit tube that ended up transforming into a finished, beautiful Christmas DupliCowl!

The whole thing ended up being a whopping 12" x 15", which means it can be pulled further up on the face when it's extra cold out. Not that that matters much, as the double-lining on this baby alpaca cowl ends up making it feel like a little oven around your neck.

I'm super excited about it, and more importantly, so is Zach, who premiered it in chilly upstate NY (which was between 10 and 40 degrees at any given moment this past week). And I plan on stealing it quite often, so this winter will (hopefully) be a little warmer this time around.

To read how the Christmas DupliCowl came about, read the previous post.

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