Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making a Loft Like a Home

Just the thought of moving into a new place plagues me with stress, heart murmurs, and night sweats, but helping a friend (or in this case boyfriend) move into a new place is pretty exciting. Particularly when that friend (/boyfriend) asks you for help decorating and choosing color palettes. Ahem:
We started with a pair of Movie Sofas (from CB2) in a delightful truffle color that Zach already had, and since there's a whole lot of white wall in the apartment, we knew the place should have a flexible palette. Zach's first purchase was the flokati rug (cooler looking than a shag) in ivory, which helped us figure out our primary colors. We added more ivory (pillows, throw blanket from West Elm) and a cool gray (throw blanket, more pillows w/shams from CB2), and it already started feeling cozy. His mom made the genius suggestion of adding a punch of color, so we went for red with a touch of orange (to go with the Marais chair he already had and loves). Two pillows later, and the palette was complete!

While all the pieces look great together, what makes them particularly interesting are the textures: fuzzy flokati, chunky knits and suede-like couches. That, added to the machine-age period pieces he already had and the plants purchased along the way, turned a spacious, empty room into a cozy, lived-in feeling loft.

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