Monday, March 08, 2010

Pantone Spring '10 Colors

Though Pantone premiered their spring 2010 forecast almost a year ago, it didn't much matter to the average person until very recently when the hope of warm weather and fewer layers was born. And now that we're officially hitting springtime, we can compare what we're seeing on hangers and shelves to what Pantone predicted:

This round of colors hits both ends of the spectrum, from conservative neutrals to bright attention-stealing hues. I'm excited to see "dried herb" in the mix, as it's coming into its own as a neutral that can be paired with almost any color. It's also great to see 3 of my favorite colors on there: "turqoise," "fusion coral" and "violet," which I love in any combination. Though "tomato purée," "aurora" and "amparo blue" are too similar to pure primary colors for my taste, each one would look great as an accent color in patterns, so I'm interested in finding out how they make appearances this season.

Also interesting is a side-by-side comparison of this year's colors for spring vs. last year's:

8 of this year's 10 colors is a direct relative to last year's colors. Some like "turqoise" and "tuscany" have become slightly more saturated, while others like "tomato purée," "fusion coral" and "violet" have shifted hues. "Aurora," surprisingly, became a little lighter, softer, and easier on the eyes.

But as always, Pantone's seasonal color report is a springboard for thought, design, and patterns that actually end up at Fashion Weeks and in stores--I'm sure we'll see a wider range of colors in production. Changes from year to year, as you can see above, are very slight, so perhaps it would be an interesting experiment to compare seasons 10 years apart to see if they truly reflect the times. For 2010, I interpret hope with measured optimism (Go 2010!).

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