Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swooning Over: Seafaring Chic

Thought it began last year, I'm stoked to see my favorite fanciful professionals coming into their own this summer. Let's hear it for old timey sailors, pirates, and general seafarers!
Seafaring chic, you'll notice, is firstly expressed with thin striping in a sailor's favorite colors: black, red, and navy. Stripes are a pretty basic pattern regardless, but this summer many brands are getting a little more creative with those spangles. It's getting easier to find accessories and screen prints with anchors and knots all over them as well, but some items are really making use of the medium (like the Anthropologie rope belt shown above). You'll also notice more shops carrying straw boating hats (a personal favorite, though more for your recreational sailor than your boat captain).

Keep your eyes peeled for great clothing, decor, and accessories for you and your favorite seafarer!

1. Nautical Stripe Pillow, Urban Outfitters 2. Anchored Shell Earrings, Need Supply Co. 3. Ahoy Necklace, Hello Berlin 4. Tanker Anchor Canvas Pumps, TopShop 5. Dockline Belt, Anthropologie 6. Flutter Stripe Tunic, Need Supply Co.

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