Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anthropologie opens in Chelsea Market

Ah, yes. Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores) does it again. And this time, they're doing it in Chelsea Market:
Their newest store in the city officially opened up mid-April, and the location couldn't be more perfect. What with Chelsea Market's exposed brick, industrial architecture, and rustic feel, it seems only natural that Anthro would set up shop there.

I hope to check it out in the next coming days, and the topiary of the Brooklyn Bridge totally makes the journey worth it!

Both images from Anthropologie on Flickr: Brooklyn Bridge, sailboat

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Juliette Hogan is right

Her designs for Fall 2010 ARE so pretty they hurt (that's the name of the collection, I swear, not just some sub-par joke):

The fabrics, drapes, and colors make all her designs oh-so-feminine, while the cuts and patterns make them classic: plaids and florals in fall-appropriate pastels as well as rich, deep colors. The cape (image 1) is divine in that purple, and the oversized bow makes it all grown up. The whole collection feels a little vintage but definitely not stuffy, and all the pieces could be wardrobe staples.

And let's not overlook that giant knit bow (image 3). How amazing!? It's a fun twist on what knits can do and what they should look like.

I have no idea how much individual pieces are going to cost, but as she doesn't sell online AND seems to only operate out of New Zealand, getting my hands on any of those pieces may be more of a dream than a reality. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on them this fall, lemme know!

Check out the full collection c/o Buzz Beast.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Swooning Over: Exposed Zippers

They've been gripping the nation for a while now, and I must say, I'm excited to be a part of that frenzy. I'm in love with the exposed, industrial zipper detailing you can find almost everywhere now:

For so long, we assumed that you shouldn't see zippers, so people would disguise them in the same color as its garment, or hide them beneath folds of fabric. But at some point someone decided to let them out and play, and behold what that has brought us: shoes, boots, and sandals with zipper detailing, dresses with contrasting zippers in back AND as a focal point up front, accessories made entirely of twisted zippers, bags wtih zippers as trim. There's something about them that's delightfully gritty and reminiscent of the industrial-era. For as chunky and old-timey as they can seem, you can ironically find them on floral swimwear from Generation Y brand Hurley, and even on lacy tops from the more upscale and adult Anthropologie.

The exposed, industrial zipper has huge potential to leave as quickly as it arrived, but I'm hoping it's a fad with a long shelf-life. I've already seen a few examples of it cropping up in some Fall/Winter 2010 collections, so I may not be disappointed. But if this look floats your boat like it does mine, I'd suggest picking up some pieces that have high contrast (like pic #1) for big impact. Check out some of my suggestions below:

1. Contrast Pocket Dress, Need Supply Co., 2. Dolce Vita Patricia Dress, Urban Outfitters, 3. Zipper Pin, Kate Cusack, 4.Pixie Boot, Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hester Street Fair reopens this weekend

I've already gone to the Brooklyn Flea twice this Spring, and have been itching for something new to check out. Cue the Hester Street Fair, opening this weekend and running through December. We have Suchin Pak (of MTV VJ fame) to thank for this one, as well as her brother, a marketing guru, and a guy handling the business end.

According to Refinery 29's article, the fair promises to be "be 1/3 vintage, 1/3 crafts, and 1/3 food," and "curated very carefully." I'm excited to see the range of vintage items present, as well as the crafters who made the cut. It goes without saying, too, that I'll be there pigging out, so I'll have each of those 3 areas covered.

Oh, and the last time the Hester Street Fair was open? 1895. Yeah, this is gonna be serious.

What: Hester Street Fair
When: Sat. and Sunday, 10am-6pm
Season: April through December
Where: Corner of Hester and Essex
Subways: F to East Broadway or F, J, M, Z to Delancey

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute as a macaron

For the past year the cute little french pastry known as a macaron has been getting a lot of press, and with that has come its evolution. Some bakers have turned what is traditionally a simple, uncomplicated sweet into something creative, colorful, and extra yummy.

Your usual variety includes chocolate, almond, and pistachio, but now people are making french toast, black forest, and cotton candy. And the usual beiges and pastels have become saturated and beautifully contrasted. Word has it they're difficult to make, so extra points to the bakers who decide to take on this challenge. I know I've got a few ideas brewing myself...

Check out my flickr gallery, "Particularly delightful macarons", for more images, or check out the links below for some recipes.

Photo 1: Black sesame and nori, from Lemonpi
Photo 2: Black forest, from Lemonpi
Photo 3:"Macaron Monday" from Run Mia Run
Bottom photo: "Particularly delightful macarons" gallery on Flickr

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Girls with Glasses

Two ladies, both super cute and super talented, teaming up to host a tv talk show in which they talk about things that matter? Yes, please!

The ladies in question are Summer Bellessa (of ELIZA Magazine) and Brooke White (of American Idol fame), and they hope to create a "smart girl talk show," something I think my generation of females is hurting for. "The Girls with Glasses" show claims to be "a part-hipster, part-variety talk show aimed at providing refreshingly grounded and inspiring perspectives on fashion, entertainment, art and music" and dear God, do I hope they're right. Though there's no info yet about when it launches or where, they've grabbed my attention, and I'll be sure to pass on the deets when I hear.

In the meantime, check out this delightfully adorable stop-motion video for the theme song that both Summer and Brooke co-wrote and performed (note the precious pup cameo, too):

For more info, check out the Girls with Glasses website here:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eeny meeny miney moe with Eugenia Kim

Target seems busy lately with all their designer collaborations, and another one premiering this Sunday heralds what promises to be the Summer of Cute. Eugenia Kim, a milliner from NYC, is releasing a selection of hats including fedoras and cloches at prices that don't offend my bank account. I'm currently torn between these 3:

I mean, that mint green fedora plus my mint green bike? How freaking precious will they look together zooming down the street?

I'm also dying over the pseudo press-release on Target's site, with its saturated yet vintage colors and postcard theme:

This collaboration is quite fortuitous, as I have declared this to be a hat-tastic spring/summer. Let the fun begin!

Read Target's press release here:
See all of Eugenia Kim's looks for Target here:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old favorites with a new twist

Just discovered some Penguin Classics that have gotten a refreshing, contemporary makeover. I love the colors, the simple graphic patterns, and the way they all work together in the series.

I found these on Anthropologie's website, and again on for a few dollars less. Either way, get your hands on some of these and add some flava to your bookshelf (and your reading list).

"The Odyssey" by Homer
Via Anthropologie:
Via Amazon:

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll
Via Anthropologie:
Via Amazon:

Friday, April 09, 2010

Zac Posen for Target's Shopping Party

I've got mad love for Zac Posen—a designer that plays with color in a way that's totally wearable, über feminine, and refreshingly vibrant. That, plus Natalie Portman is allegedly his muse (and she can do no wrong in my book, except for the movie "Closer," and maybe "Goya's Ghosts"). He's doing us mere mortals a favor by teaming up with Target for a collection launching April 25, but lucky New Yorkers get a chance for double-Zac fun on April 15:

Target is hosting a "Shopping Party" where, for 24 hours, shoppers can get their grubby paws on all the pieces before the rest of the world. Posen's great collection + Target's stellar marketing x New York City = Awesome freaking night.

Is it a coincidence that the 15th is pay day? I think not.

Read Target's Shopping Party press release here:
See all of Zac Posen's looks for Target here:

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Modern Flower by Sephora

I received an email from Sephora a little while ago bragging about some new nail colors, and though I normally only scan those emails, I was totally grabbed by the contents of this one:

I mean, how beautiful are those colors? And the rich tones in the photograph? The shimmer on those nails? In addition to Sephora telepathically knowing I love sets, they tried to convince me to buy the whole set of springtime nail polishes called "Modern Flower." Well, they had no trouble.

How was I to refuse their bright pinks, shades of purple, and a metallic-flecked green? Intending to just buy 1 color (or maybe 3), I walked into the store only to be confronted by a mini-set of polishes. The beauty of the mini-set is that the bottle sizes are .125 oz (vs. the usual .5) and you get 4 colors. I mean, it's a perfect sampling at the perfect size (cuz who finishes a whole regular-sized bottle anyway?).

The mini-set came home with me, and after playing around with "Iris I Was Thinner" and "It's Bouquet With Me" I came up with the following:It's a great set and a great range of colors, so grab them (both the mini set and the individual polishes) while they're hot, kids!

Polishes: Handpicked For Me, Go With The Flow-er, Leaf Him At The Altar, Iris I Was Thinner, Handpicked For Me, Cover Me In Petals, and It's Bouquet With Me (in order as shown in the first image) by Sephora for OPI (available here)
Mini-Set: Handpicked For Me, It's Bouquet With Me, Iris I Was Thinner, and Leaf Him At The Altar (in order as shown in the first image) by Sephora for OPI (available here)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pairings: The Rinoa Cowl

I recently posted the Rinoa Cowl over at the Etsy shop (, and was super excited plotting the perfect outfit to go with it! Great for transitioning to Spring, the Rinoa Cowl would look great with:
The cowl, made of beautiful Peruvian wool in navy and baby alpaca in chrome, is versatile enough to work as a basic to which you can add a springtime punch of color. Both navy and gray are classic colors, so this season I'm embracing raspberry as a pop of color to keep things fresh. For this pairing I've matched a cute, deep-cut leotard with a gray skirt (mega versatile). The surprise twist comes with the raspberry tights, a touch of sparkle with hair clips, and some matching nail polish if you're feeling saucy. Slide on these cute heels, and the look is complete!

But that's only the start--snag the Rinoa Cowl for yourself and welcome this flexible piece into your own wardrobe.

1. Tamy Skirt, Cheap Monday 2. Cotton Spandex Jersey in Navy, American Apparel 3. Opaque Panythose in Sangría, American Apparel 4. "Set the Mood" nail polish, Sephora by OPI 5. Henny in Navy, RSVP 6. Sparkle Bobbies, Anthropologie

Friday, April 02, 2010

Anthropologie loves details...

In search of a birthday gift, I went into a nearby Anthropologie (by Rockefeller Center, near work) and was blown away, yet again, by the attention to detail in not only their products, but also by their exquisite in-store displays. I spotted these particular details and had to share (click on the photo for the larger version):

Top photo: An entire section filled with white, creme, and gunmetal gray was set within a muslin/sack cloth dream. The walls were covered in this cloth, painted roughly with white and carrying obvious seam work. There were ruffles in the same fabric swirling around columns of wooden chairs, as well as this beautiful floral sculpture.

Middle photo: Suspended above a display table was a gorgeous chandelier crafted entirely of painted, corrugated cardboard. I'm amazed by the coils, curls, and shapes the artist was able to make with what people usually think of as refuse.

Bottom photo: Who doesn't want to fall asleep under a canopy of leaves? If you don't have access to a tropical island, I'd say this would make a close runner-up. It was a hand-made tree hanging over a 4-poster bed, and the leaves in different greens and the extra hanging threads made it a show-stopping piece. (Maybe they should consider selling hammocks, too?)

It's amazing how Anthropologie's displays do so much with so little. But it also makes me wonder what happens to all those pieces once it's time for a new display...who do I have to bribe for those?
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