Friday, April 02, 2010

Anthropologie loves details...

In search of a birthday gift, I went into a nearby Anthropologie (by Rockefeller Center, near work) and was blown away, yet again, by the attention to detail in not only their products, but also by their exquisite in-store displays. I spotted these particular details and had to share (click on the photo for the larger version):

Top photo: An entire section filled with white, creme, and gunmetal gray was set within a muslin/sack cloth dream. The walls were covered in this cloth, painted roughly with white and carrying obvious seam work. There were ruffles in the same fabric swirling around columns of wooden chairs, as well as this beautiful floral sculpture.

Middle photo: Suspended above a display table was a gorgeous chandelier crafted entirely of painted, corrugated cardboard. I'm amazed by the coils, curls, and shapes the artist was able to make with what people usually think of as refuse.

Bottom photo: Who doesn't want to fall asleep under a canopy of leaves? If you don't have access to a tropical island, I'd say this would make a close runner-up. It was a hand-made tree hanging over a 4-poster bed, and the leaves in different greens and the extra hanging threads made it a show-stopping piece. (Maybe they should consider selling hammocks, too?)

It's amazing how Anthropologie's displays do so much with so little. But it also makes me wonder what happens to all those pieces once it's time for a new display...who do I have to bribe for those?

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