Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute as a macaron

For the past year the cute little french pastry known as a macaron has been getting a lot of press, and with that has come its evolution. Some bakers have turned what is traditionally a simple, uncomplicated sweet into something creative, colorful, and extra yummy.

Your usual variety includes chocolate, almond, and pistachio, but now people are making french toast, black forest, and cotton candy. And the usual beiges and pastels have become saturated and beautifully contrasted. Word has it they're difficult to make, so extra points to the bakers who decide to take on this challenge. I know I've got a few ideas brewing myself...

Check out my flickr gallery, "Particularly delightful macarons", for more images, or check out the links below for some recipes.

Photo 1: Black sesame and nori, from Lemonpi
Photo 2: Black forest, from Lemonpi
Photo 3:"Macaron Monday" from Run Mia Run
Bottom photo: "Particularly delightful macarons" gallery on Flickr

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