Friday, April 16, 2010

Eeny meeny miney moe with Eugenia Kim

Target seems busy lately with all their designer collaborations, and another one premiering this Sunday heralds what promises to be the Summer of Cute. Eugenia Kim, a milliner from NYC, is releasing a selection of hats including fedoras and cloches at prices that don't offend my bank account. I'm currently torn between these 3:

I mean, that mint green fedora plus my mint green bike? How freaking precious will they look together zooming down the street?

I'm also dying over the pseudo press-release on Target's site, with its saturated yet vintage colors and postcard theme:

This collaboration is quite fortuitous, as I have declared this to be a hat-tastic spring/summer. Let the fun begin!

Read Target's press release here:
See all of Eugenia Kim's looks for Target here:

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