Thursday, April 08, 2010

Modern Flower by Sephora

I received an email from Sephora a little while ago bragging about some new nail colors, and though I normally only scan those emails, I was totally grabbed by the contents of this one:

I mean, how beautiful are those colors? And the rich tones in the photograph? The shimmer on those nails? In addition to Sephora telepathically knowing I love sets, they tried to convince me to buy the whole set of springtime nail polishes called "Modern Flower." Well, they had no trouble.

How was I to refuse their bright pinks, shades of purple, and a metallic-flecked green? Intending to just buy 1 color (or maybe 3), I walked into the store only to be confronted by a mini-set of polishes. The beauty of the mini-set is that the bottle sizes are .125 oz (vs. the usual .5) and you get 4 colors. I mean, it's a perfect sampling at the perfect size (cuz who finishes a whole regular-sized bottle anyway?).

The mini-set came home with me, and after playing around with "Iris I Was Thinner" and "It's Bouquet With Me" I came up with the following:It's a great set and a great range of colors, so grab them (both the mini set and the individual polishes) while they're hot, kids!

Polishes: Handpicked For Me, Go With The Flow-er, Leaf Him At The Altar, Iris I Was Thinner, Handpicked For Me, Cover Me In Petals, and It's Bouquet With Me (in order as shown in the first image) by Sephora for OPI (available here)
Mini-Set: Handpicked For Me, It's Bouquet With Me, Iris I Was Thinner, and Leaf Him At The Altar (in order as shown in the first image) by Sephora for OPI (available here)

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