Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bust's Spring Fling Craftacular 2010

Sunday's Spring Fling Craftacular caught me almost completely by surprise, but I was able to assemble the troops and scope it out. This year's Craftacular at the Warsaw in Brooklyn featured 50+ vendors packed in a few neat rows while DJs kept music pumping in the background. Though the equation was right, I felt like there were some flaws in the execution.

Jewelery tables are always popular, but I noticed that many jewelers were selling rather uninspired work: there were lower-quality, prefabbed, dime-a-dozen charms everywhere. Few jewelers did much of their own casting, a lot of the craftsmanship felt "meh, I guess," and several people relied more on selling vintage odds and ends instead of re-imagining those pieces into something interesting.

I also think it was tough for other vendors to get any attention, like screenprinters and plushie-makers; you can justify shelling out money for something you'll use every day (like jewelry) instead of something that's not as utilitarian (like a plushie). And there were so few of these vendors that there was little variety for people to chew on.

Booths of note, however, included KG+ AB (unglazed white porcelain figurines and plates, including one with a unicorn silhouette from the famous Unicorn Tapestries), Lillian Crowe (hand-cast rib cages and other creepy/beautiful jewelry), Raw Toast (prints and posters that made me smile), and SML Bags (nice clutches and bags, including the one pictured here that I bought).

Another complaint was the lack of space: kudos to keeping the event relatively small, but there were so many people in and out of there that it was hard to walk around or even get a good look at the merch on tables. The whole thing felt like I was fighting to put in my order at the deli.

Overall I wasn't impressed, though I did walk away with a nice bag and some stud earrings. My heart lies with The Market on Mulberry, as it's got a great variety of vendors, your fav vendors will pull rotations, there's never a huge crowd, and the artisans' work feels a little more purposeful. I guess we'll have to wait and see how Bust's Holiday Craftacular plays out this coming winter.

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