Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rocking what nature gave us

Laura Lombardi Jewelry is organic. Not like baby-lettuce-from-a-farmer's-market organic. More like, patterns-found-in-nature-with-slight-irregularities-and-they're-so-damn-pretty-I-want-to-wear-them-around-my-neck organic (my favorite kind).

The jeweler starts with vintage metals, chains, crystals, and findings. Then, she turns those metals into geometric, symmetrical shapes (like triangles pictured above, or hexagons, or spheres), and roughs them up a little. Gold will be in the shape of crystals just found in a cave somewhere, and the stone in stacked earrings look like they've just been chipped off the side of a mountain. Sometimes she'll pick things straight out of nature, like the feather necklace in image 3. Her crystals (image 1) will have beautiful irregularities, and she'll use stones in the same way. Each little detail turns what starts off as a simple or everyday shape into something interesting and noteworthy. And there's not a dud in the collection—I can picture myself wearing every piece (maybe that should be more dangerous than exciting?)

Check out more of Laura Lombardi's pieces in her etsy shop, or view the full collection on her website.

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