Friday, May 21, 2010

Swooning Over: Covered Wedges

My relationship with wedges has been difficult: so many pairs were calling out to me with their vintage/retro styling, though their usual cork or rope-covered heels usually come off as cheap to me. I've recently discovered, however, a new segment of wedges—covered:
I mean, HOW FREAKING CUTE? They're like undercover heels, giving you height and length, sans the fear of toppling over due to a skinny heel. In my quest for covered wedges, the designer Jeffrey Campbell kept coming up (images 1 and 3), and he really knows how to make shoes that are fun statement pieces.

At first I thought all shoes in the "covered wedge" category just looked like clunkers, but I've come to learn that they must be carefully styled. I find dresses/skirts, tights, and skinny jeans go really well with this type of shoe, as it becomes extra important to balance the top and the bottom (leg and shoe, in this case); anything looser and you look like you're wearing a surgical boot. The shoes in images 2 and 3 are perfect for summer, and #3 in particular gives you height while deceptively looking like a regular sandal.

More and more of these wedges have been cropping up, so keep an eye out for the pair that you'll take home with you.

1. Mary Rocks, Jeffrey Campbell 2. Canvas Striped, Mini for Many 3. Molly, 80%20 4. Rosegold Suede Heel, UO 5. Hillaery, Aldo

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