Monday, May 10, 2010

Swooning Over: Splatters

For one of those "trends" that always seems to be around, splatters have been hitting pretty hard lately. The key, however, is to wear them well. Cue helpful image:

Survey these examples and you'll see that splatters are versatile because they look like patterns without the rigid regularity of a plaid or a houndstooth. They feel a little more accidental, and can lend a piece insta-movement.

One way to maximize the effect is by focusing on a main focal point. In the Omaha drip dress by Full Circle (#1) for example, the action is concentrated up by the neck and then tapers; it's well-thought out, and much easier on the eye than a lot of paint everywhere. The Grace Heels by Olsen Haus (#2) are also measured in their splatters, but use a silver metallic (which adds a nice pop and contrast to the 1940s pink). If you do want an allover splatter, a great way to go is with a smaller allover print, like the adorable Eve clutch by Lauren Merkin (#6) that looks like a Monet from faraway.

Moral of the story: smaller splatters work well for visual interest, while bigger ones should be used in moderation. Use this lesson wisely.

1. Omaha drip dress, Full Circle 2. Grace Heels in pink, Olsen Haus 3. Splatter Vase, Urban Outfitters 4. Billy Lo-rise skinny jean, Delia*s 5. Splatter bangle, Forever 21 6. Eve splatter print clutch, Lauren Merkin

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