Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tush Mag does superheroes

Fashion editorials offer a canvas for designers, photographers, and art directors to get together and dream big, coming up with imagery that can be whimsical, dramatic, and tell a story. Some teams go for it, while others take the safe route. "Summer on the beach"? Lame. "Superheroes"? Tush Magazine, you've piqued my interest.

Tush Magazine's latest issue (20) reinterprets famous superheroes (most of them female, hurrah!), dedicating full shots and graphic portraits to each character. Most images are monotone, like Poison Ivy and Witchblade above, while Mystique lends the spreads a punch of that electric blue. The stylist made good use of hard metals as well as exaggerated shapes and silhouettes, giving character to these...ahem...characters. It's also interesting to note what the stylists do aside from slapping a dress on someone—in this case, Witchblade's hair looks sculpted (and probably feels like it with all the gunk they must've loaded it with), and Poison Ivy's face is being devoured by tendrils. And I must say, the stereotypically apathetic/pissed-off model look works well for the various characters' back stories.

Check out even more of your favorite characters on Tush Magazine's site:
See images from the editorial
See the video

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