Wednesday, June 02, 2010

LeAnne Marshall comes out of hiding!

I started watching (/becoming obsessed with) Project Runway back in 2008, and went gaga (not the Lady) over winner LeAnne Marshall's floaty, feminine creations. The year before, my cousin gifted me with an early design of LeAnne's from her Etsy shop, so I was stoked to see her go on and win PR. Quickly after her victory, however, LeAnne's shop went quiet while she pursued her collection...and I was very sad.

HOWEVER, she's back on the radar and keeping her shop stocked. Yay!

She's doing high and low end designs (though low-end will still run you around $250), and they all carry her signature folds, loose pleating, and origami-like accents. Her pieces tend to stick to solid primary colors, and she'll sometimes plays with a creme/white palette. All the designs look easy to wear, and she makes sure to use soft materials close to the skin, including silks and linen (perfect for the warm weather!).

If you're looking for a summer splurge, I'd highly suggest checking out LeAnne's Etsy shop, stocked regularly and full of lovely, light pieces.

1. Tania Dress 2. Emmeline Dress 3. JennyLou Dress

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