Thursday, June 03, 2010

Swooning Over: White Porcelain

Making something in one color is pretty risky—you can always hide flaws and poor quality in a heavy, colorful pattern, but you've got to step up your game when it's a solid color. A solid color lets texture and form shine through, and lately I've been obsessed with all-white ceramic or porcelain pieces with great craftsmanship. A few examples:
I love how clean and precious these pieces look in all white, and the texture really shines through on each one. The vase in pic #1 is super modern and geometric, and the white draws attention to the intriguing facets. Matte finishes feel rustic (like with the hand-embossed "Lucky" in picture 4), while high gloss makes a piece feel more polished (like the vase in #3).

My fav is #5, the tea service set that's actually a stealth candelabra. You'd expect a tea set to be all white, but you WOULDN'T expect it to be in one piece AND hold candles. It'd be an interesting experiment, though, to use teacups and saucers around the house as candle holders. Hrm...

Keep an eye out for more all-white ceramic/porcelain pieces in your favorite store's home goods section, or follow these links to get more details on the images featured.

1. Materialized Vase, Erich Ginder 2. Petal Hook, Anthropologie 3. Small garden vase, Prettyrandomobjects 4. Lucky tiny text bowl, Paloma's Nest 5. Tea Party Candelabra, Anthropologie

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