Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drawing all over the walls

I've stayed at many a Courtyard Marriott (thanks, 18th birthday sleepover), but they've all got this weird, New England/floral-patterns-on-everything feel to them. A new trend in hotel design is going boutique—designing each room differently, making each visit a new experience. Each room gets lovingly thought out, and I recently discovered one specific room at the Ace Hotel with an extra special touch: hand-drawn wallpaper about New York City:

Timothy Goodman, the person responsible for this amazing feat in hand-drawn awesomeness, calls it "99 Frames." According to the artist, he "hand drew 99 picture frames to create a dense wall of 'discovery' about NYC that could be passed to the common tourist staying in the room. Each frame contains a different fact / love / tidbit / thing of interest / or shout-out to a place [he digs] in the city." At a whopping 120 square feet, Goodman covers the good and the bad, from the Arch at Washington Square Park and Nathan's hot dogs to sky high rent and pigeon poo. Yes, I'm a sucker for the project because it's about the city that I love/hate oh-so-much. But I'm also crazy for it because it was executed by an actual human being with a great hand and some equally great memories.

Check out Timothy Goodman's post about the "99 Frames" here, or see a few more images below:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks, Jane Austen

Last week I finalized the scheme for my new living room, but the bedroom was giving me some trouble. The room needed something relaxing but not too somber, colorful but not too Lisa Frank. A few days ago I found a beautiful book cover for Jane Austen's "Emma," and it all fit together. VoilĂ :
The pattern on the book works so well because the bright coral is balanced with the darker purple, all of which sits on a calming backdrop of natural linen and white. Considering the pieces I already have, it also makes sense for my bedroom: I can leave the walls white, I've got light wood and some black furniture, it's an excuse to buy anything in coral (a color I've been recently falling in love with), and the purple and white/natural is a nice variation on the lilac/blue in the neighboring living room. I'm a fool for purple, too, and though coral is pretty trendy right now, this grouping of colors isn't (which means I won't be over it in 3 months).

I can't stop drooling over this color palette :) However, my next mission is the bathroom, with its white, black, and orangy/yellow tiles...eep.

And if you're curious, here are some image credits (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. Pin-Tuck Duvet Cover and Shams, West Elm 2. "In glorious technicolor" by *raffaella 3. "Emma" by Jane Austen, White's Books 4. Crystal Votive, Anthropologie 5. "Cures for Love" by Stendhal, Penguin Books, 6. Prism Knob, Anthropologie 7. Glass Parlor Box, Urban Outfitters

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cycling about

"In glorious technicolor" by *raffaella via flickr.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The best jewelry of all

I like shiny things. And I like jewelry. And chocolate. Is it possible to fuse those 3 things into one amazing thing that I could love even more than its separate parts? Allegedly so: Promise Me Chocolate, a site geared towards brides, sells chocolates, truffles, bonbons, and peppermint patties in the shape of rings and gemstones, painted to look like rocks you’d wear (I mean, they're not really fooling anyone, but A+ for the delicious effort!). I’m particularly loving them because they come in beautiful jewel tones and look like rings I’d actually buy.

A single ring goes for $13 (eep), or you can get sets of gem truffles for less. I was going to buy a 4-pack of truffles, but shipping is a whopping $26, so that’s a no-go. It comes in a box, a small one, so that price isn’t ok unless it’s getting hand delivered via Sherpa.

Check out more of their pieces on their website, and if the shipping and handling doesn’t scare you, snatch a few for yourself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pantone Fall 2010 Colors

Pantone has spoken once again (well, technically they spoke almost a year ago), with their projected colors for Fall 2010. And it seems only appropriate for me to bust this out now, as summer sales are winding down to make way for new fall merchandise. Check it:

Don’t they seem surprisingly spring-like? There are bright, cheerful colors like Golden Glow, Lipstick Red, and Purple Orchid, and few neutrals. Where are the heavier colors to balance them? Perhaps, then, these predictions are more like suggestions for pairing with timeless neutrals? I also would’ve expected heavier colors because of the season itself, as the wintry weather usually brings out more serious, morose tones. Compare them to Spring 2010’s predictions, and you’ll barely notice a difference—with a few exceptions, most are only a touch darker and/or warmer (see the Spring 2010 colors here).

But how does this compare to clothes you’ll see in stores? A survey of some of the more colorful A/W runway shows makes Pantone’s predictions seem moot, except for Oyster Gray and Rose Dust. Instead, it seems we’ll find electric blue, icy grays, tomato red, and oxblood red (in addition to black, nudes, and navy). See for yourself:

Jeffrey Monteiro Fall 2010

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010

Twinkle by Wenlan Fall 2010

So the overall assessment? If Pantone is right, it’s going to be a cheerful winter. We city-folk may cling to our blacks and grays, but for the love of God, I hope we can manage to inject some color this season. Pantone seems to be giving us an excuse to, anyway.

Image credits: Jeffrey Monteiro Fall 2010 via Refinery29, Vanessa Bruno Fall 2010 via, Twinkle by Wenlan Fall 2010 via

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hydrangeas in the living room

With all the stresses of moving 2 years worth of your life from one space into another (usually with a UHaul through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and inevitably getting pulled over by cops with poor senses of humor), the single thought that keeps this girl going is decorating the place. And since the new space in question contains a bedroom AND a living room (thank you, Brooklyn!), I've been pondering how to fill it with things that will make me happy. Ergo, I present my color board of insta-happiness:

It started when I found a picture of some hydrangea cupcakes (yummy), and then kept stumbling upon photos of light, hazy, pastelly blue/purple florals. I'm a fool for purples and muted tones, so it quickly became clear that light blue, purple, and ivory should be the colors in the living room. I realized I could also justify using a reddish brown, pulling from the living room's flooring and partial brick wall (again, thank you, Brooklyn!), and may have flipped out a little when I also realized the palette gives me an excuse to get tons of plants.

At some point I'll realize that I can't afford a Domino Magazine apartment. But until then, I'll be dreaming in these colors. Well, maybe until I come up with the palette for the bedroom...

And finally, image credits are as follows (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. Ocean photo, 2.Russian Floral Stream Printed Rug from UO, 3. "Blue Hydrangeas" by Snowy, 4. Brick wall photo via Saucy Dwellings, 5. Eiffel Tower Pillow Cover, iviemade, 6. Table setting by Amy Neunsinger via Haute Design

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Try this at home: Lace Nails

I’m a fool for nail color and nail art—it’s the overlap between my Puerto Rican desire to bling out, and my graphic designer desire to have color. So I bought the nail art pens. I bought the matte-ifying top coat. I’ve even been told I have to be supervised when trolling the makeup/nail polish aisles in Duane Reade.

So imagine my delight when I found this awesome tutorial on something NEW to try! Lace decoupage action! I like it because it’s abstract, because it’s like arts & crafts, and because it involves fabric. And because her outfit is mad cute.

If you want the step-by-step to do it yourself, check out the original post here via Behind the Seams. And if you do it, I demand pictures of the finished product. Muahaha!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'd live in this city

Urban Carnival Scarf Pillow via Urban Outfitters.
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