Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The best jewelry of all

I like shiny things. And I like jewelry. And chocolate. Is it possible to fuse those 3 things into one amazing thing that I could love even more than its separate parts? Allegedly so: Promise Me Chocolate, a site geared towards brides, sells chocolates, truffles, bonbons, and peppermint patties in the shape of rings and gemstones, painted to look like rocks you’d wear (I mean, they're not really fooling anyone, but A+ for the delicious effort!). I’m particularly loving them because they come in beautiful jewel tones and look like rings I’d actually buy.

A single ring goes for $13 (eep), or you can get sets of gem truffles for less. I was going to buy a 4-pack of truffles, but shipping is a whopping $26, so that’s a no-go. It comes in a box, a small one, so that price isn’t ok unless it’s getting hand delivered via Sherpa.

Check out more of their pieces on their website, and if the shipping and handling doesn’t scare you, snatch a few for yourself.

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