Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hydrangeas in the living room

With all the stresses of moving 2 years worth of your life from one space into another (usually with a UHaul through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and inevitably getting pulled over by cops with poor senses of humor), the single thought that keeps this girl going is decorating the place. And since the new space in question contains a bedroom AND a living room (thank you, Brooklyn!), I've been pondering how to fill it with things that will make me happy. Ergo, I present my color board of insta-happiness:

It started when I found a picture of some hydrangea cupcakes (yummy), and then kept stumbling upon photos of light, hazy, pastelly blue/purple florals. I'm a fool for purples and muted tones, so it quickly became clear that light blue, purple, and ivory should be the colors in the living room. I realized I could also justify using a reddish brown, pulling from the living room's flooring and partial brick wall (again, thank you, Brooklyn!), and may have flipped out a little when I also realized the palette gives me an excuse to get tons of plants.

At some point I'll realize that I can't afford a Domino Magazine apartment. But until then, I'll be dreaming in these colors. Well, maybe until I come up with the palette for the bedroom...

And finally, image credits are as follows (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. Ocean photo, 2.Russian Floral Stream Printed Rug from UO, 3. "Blue Hydrangeas" by Snowy, 4. Brick wall photo via Saucy Dwellings, 5. Eiffel Tower Pillow Cover, iviemade, 6. Table setting by Amy Neunsinger via Haute Design

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