Sunday, September 05, 2010

Giving plastic wrap another chance

I've only ever known saran wrap to be evil: getting caught on itself as you're trying to roll it out of its box, refusing to separate itself from itself as you struggle to cover a tray of freshly baked brownies, getting entangled in your hair in what your Puerto Rican mother claims is a family secret to hair straightening. Then I came across the only thing that could make saran bearable, even cool:

Kate Cusack took rolls of these clear plastic sheets and created a series of Marie Antoinette-esque updos for a Tiffany's window display a few years ago. The French queen was known for making her wigs high and dramatic, and Cusack hasn't disappointed her—these things are huge! The artist pulled off over-sized curls and braids in a finicky material, and all those layers of saran perfectly mimic those powdered wigs. Major props to Cusack for once again taking a mundane material and transforming it into something unexpected and ingenious.

See more pictures below, and read more about the project on the artist's website.

Images via ecouterre and Kate Cusack.

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