Friday, September 24, 2010

Vertigo-inducing Prints

Vertigo: not just a great thriller/mystery by Hitchcock. The other vertigo: a condition I recently discovered I have. Compared to Jimmy Stewart's, mine is less agoraphobia and more good-god-make-the-world-stop-moving-why-won't-it-stop-moving. So after getting over the fact that it's totally something I can live with and not as significant as say, cancer, my mind immediately went to fabric. Specifically, clothes with patterns for which I would risk bouts of vertigo.
Admittedly, these pieces aren't as ridiculous as they could be. However, I tend to be conservative when it comes to prints. Wearing them has always scared me a bit—there's an image in my head of attempting a pattern on pattern ensemble as suggested by all those fashion blogs, but it goes horribly wrong and results in blindness.

But prints (particularly in/on accessories) have the great ability of introducing color into an ensemble without dropping cash on that eye-searingly electric blue dress that you'll wear once. Take, for example, the Painterly Clutch from Anthropologie: It's got a bunch of colors working harmoniously that can be mixed and matched throughout various outfits.

And until I can overcome the vertigo and face even crazier prints, I'll take one of each from above: 1. Twist and Shout Dress by Mink Pink, 2. Camo Cat Dress via Nasty Girl, 3. Painterly Clutch by Stephanie Johnson, 4. Vigg Raincoat by Gudrun Sjödén, 5. Burnout Squiggle Stripe Tee by Truly Madly Deeply

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